Erik Payton


Erik Payton is a highly skilled classical and contemporary composer from California. Raised in a musical household, Erik has excelled in composing and orchestrating music. His passion for music led him to pursue a degree in music composition at Berklee College of Music, where he has developed a deep understanding of theory and composition.

With over ten years of experience, Erik has written numerous compositions, many of which have been used in commercial work. Erik is skilled in creating music that is both emotionally engaging and technically impressive. He uses a range of instruments and technology to craft music that supports intimate storytelling and enhances the overall production. He has honed his skills in a wide range of musical genres, including orchestral, electronic, pop, experimental, and hybrid music. He is well-versed in using traditional instruments and the latest music technology to create music that is both emotive and innovative. And his deep understanding of music theory and composition allows him to write complex and intricate music that elevates projects to new heights. Erik is known for his exceptional communication skills and his ability to collaborate effectively with clients and creative teams. He is dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of his clients while also bringing his own unique creative vision to each project. His current work involves composing for the sandbox video game, Brickadia.